Bilawal Khawaja and Marijke Klamer

Bilawal Khawaja, Marijke Klamer

Hands Dipped In The Styx

Hands Dipped in The Styx is a collaborative series made by an artist and poet – because two is always better than one, right? These paintings depict Greek Gods and each canvas is paired with a miniature book of poetry. From the age old lamentation of Niobe, to a modern day take on Hades, this series is an innovative take on a classical theme.

Marijke Klamer is an artist based in the Netherlands. Eclectic in her talents, this is an artist whose work pushes the limits of the human imagination. If you think Pan’s Labyrinth was overwhelming, wait until you see Marijke’s paintings.

Bilawal Khawaja – a London based poet whose identity is quite obscure. A lyrical surgeon obsessed with dissecting and tearing words apart. Wordplay lives at the heart of of his art.

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