Colliding Lines

Poetry & Piano EP

USB key containing album, photographic mini prints and download codes.


‘Poetry and Piano’ is an 8-track EP created collaboratively between spoken word artists Uppahar Subba, Nikki Marrone and Tim Knight, and occasional pianist Matt Widgery. Recorded live and improvised on borrowed pianos, the notes trace the contours of the poets’ words in jazz, blues and with the occasional synth.

The sessions were professionally produced and come to you as an action-packed package. The record is contained on a key-shaped USB stick and illustrated through miniature photographic prints, taken during the recording sessions by art photographer Josh Murfitt. Bonus tracks and films can be found on the internet, via download codes made especially for you.

Colliding Lines produce cross-disciplinary live shows and projects that draw together artists from different fields, including dance, music, spoken word, interactive theatre and film. Together we publish, promote and curate new collaborations, taking joy in creative risks and producing work that matters. By working collectively, we create a space for artists to develop and innovate, exploring new ideas and unfamiliar territories together.

With a five year history of curating live events – from interactive film scores to festival stages to live installations – we believe good art is about inviting audiences in and creating immersive, emotionally resonant experiences that stay with you. We believe in the power of challenging situations to catalyse great performance and exciting art; the edge present in improvisation creates a friction between intention and action that surprises artists into producing unforeseen work. If it feels fresh and exciting for the performers, it feels fresh and exciting for the audience.