Jacqui Hallum

Play the Hand You’re Dealt

In the last few years Jacqui has began to paint more and more on different cotton, silk and other fabrics.  Working with these materials allow the inks to be drawn onto the surface, and for the colour to be stained into the weave on the material. The relationship between drawing and staining – and how these negotiate with the chance-like factors that Jacqui introduces throughout her process is central to how the works operate. An engagement with the possibility for change remains in many works – gallery works are often installed in multiple layers, with elements folded and pinned back, revealing and concealing passages of painting.  For this new edition these small silk paintings are intended to be enjoyed (lived with) without a predefined form.  They might be folded, or pinned to a wall, or worn, depending on the owner’s personal choice.

Jacqui Hallum is a painter based in Totnes.  She studied at Coventry University and at Slade and has since exhibited in group exhibitions across the UK .  Jacqui has also been involved in artist-led projects GENERATORprojects, Dundee and LIDO, St Leonards-on-Sea.  In 2018 Jacqui won the prestigious John Moores Painting Prize, and the production of this edition coincides with the exhibition Jacqui Hallum, Berber Carpet at Exeter Phoenix.