Katrinka Wilson

Bee Love

An original wash and graphite micro-drawings of natural subjects mounted and accompanied with magnifying looking glass. Subjects are found on her street in Cornwall; bird bones, skeletal spiders, rose stems, dandelion heads, camomile flowers.

Katrinka Wilson works with drawing, painting, assemblage and the magic in the everyday that is intrinsic to her art and politics.

Her themes range from roses and bees to the angelic behavior of bird life, debris and collections. These subjects are mostly out of context, so a gold coin can look like stars and a tin plate like the moon. Whatever the metaphor, the focus is on the routines and rituals that make up the stories of ordinary lives and are part of a common aesthetic often either ignored or fetishized. Fascinated with things that go unnoticed her work draws attention to the bits of our world and of ourselves that are overlooked, hidden or dismissed. In this spirit her work is often economical, hoping to inviting the viewer to imprint their own interpretation and memories on the image.

‘I feel that if we could take ownership over what we choose to see, be curious, and imagine, we would be closer to grasping the possibilities that life holds and dream a different way of being