Peter Lower

Rip and Expose to Sunlight

Rip and Expose to Sunlight is a DIY art pack, in the form of a small self print zine. It combines an interest in zines and experiences from leading experimental photography workshops. The main focus of this pack is for the printer to experiment with the cyanotype process like in a workshop, while creating a pre-designed zine. The zine is created by using the cyanotype process invented by scientist John Herschel in the 1841, right at the beginning of photography. To create the images small negatives are printed onto acetate, when the acetates are placed onto the pre-coated cyanotype paper and exposed to sunlight a positive image is created on the cyanotype paper. To fix the image all that is needed is a wash in water. After drying the individual images can be arranged into a small zine.

Normally cyanotype prints consist of deep Prussian blue and white tones, Rip and Expose to Sunlight uses different coloured paper to produce a range of colours and contrasts expanding on the standard blue and white of the cyanotype.

The images within the zine reflect a variety of human impact on landscapes including portraits, street photography and post industrial landscapes taken either while studying at Nottingham Trent University or since graduating while living in Cornwall.

Within the light proof packing
7 acetate negatives
7 pre-coated cyanotype papers
1 instructions
1 pack contents

Peter is an artist from Cornwall, since graduating in 2014 he has volunteered with Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange in Penzance.

Having had an interest in camera-less photography throughout university he has developed a series of alternative and experimental photography workshops including processes such as Chemigrams, Cyanotypes and creating handheld Camera Obscuras. Building on the experiences of leading these experimental photography workshops, combined with an interest in zines, the idea of Rip and Expose to Sunlight emerged.