November Artwork

This November in the Art Vending Machine we have…

Laser-engraved mirror tear drops of the Exe River Catchment in ‘Green|Blue: Slow Drop Tears‘ by local artist Clare Bryden.

A mysterious and secretive experimental film from the enigmatic Susan Supercharged in ‘Who is Susan Supercharged?‘ Made especially for the Art Vending Machine!

Micro-micro-micro drawings in ‘Bee Love‘ from artist Katrinka Wilson in Cornwall. So small they are accompanied with a magnifying glass!

Lee Shearman presents Engineerium from Micro Library Books. A concertina exploration of speculative machinery. Another exclusive for the Art Vending Machine.

Ruby Bewbies from Singapore presents¬†‘Anxious State of Mind,’ a zine delving into her dreams and thoughts of everyday life within an anxious state of mind.

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